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Pensioner’s sudden death sparks police investigation November 20, 2017

The sudden death of an elderly Camlough lady at the weekend that sparked a police investigation is not... Read More

alt text Anger at discovery of discarded drugs paraphernalia November 20, 2017

Used syringes, needles and other drugs paraphernalia found discarded by the roadside in Glassdrummond... Read More

SDLP’s McNulty challenged to refute DUP claim November 20, 2017

SDLP MLA Justin McNulty has been called upon to refute claims that his party would willingly enter a... Read More


alt text Orchard duo on All-Star shortlist November 20, 2017

Richard Bullick Caroline O’Hanlon and Aimee Mackin are the two Orchard hopefuls for this Saturday’s... Read More

All change in Ulster Minor Championship November 20, 2017

The Ulster Minor Football Championship as we have previously been accustomed to, will cease to be. The... Read More



alt text Michael English – His Meteoric Rise of The Country Music Star November 13, 2017

In just 3 short years Michael English has established himself as One of Ireland’s best Country... Read More

Farcical fun in Silverbridge May 1, 2017

Laughter and hilarity will be the order of the day when the Lake End Players, Glassdrummond return from... Read More

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alt text Before I forget No 14 (2) November 13, 2017

The late Lewis Smart’s account of an epic wake in 1891 is just one of the many anecdotes included in... Read More

alt text PAT SHORTT – ‘How’s Ting’s’ October 2, 2017

Pat Shortt is one of Ireland’s most loved, highly regarded and entertaining comedians. For over 20... Read More